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Few wedding receptions are as uniquely beautiful as this gorgeous rustic wedding reception at the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang. With the peaceful Andaman Sea in the distance and towering casuarina trees swaying overhead, there’s …

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Wedding Venue

Introduce different venue for wedding ceremony and reception

Wedding Theme

Unique and personalized theme make the whole wedding concept looks special , elegance and meaningful.


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wedding planner

wedding ceremony or reception is just within one two day. But the planning and preparation process might be a couple of months

Sense of Flower

flower arrangement, centerpiece, flower arch, all about flowers.

wedding planner

Tips on buying diamond engagement rings

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Throughout history, the diamond ring is considered to be the epitome of true love. Diamonds represent love, affection, commitment and are often given to women in special occasions like marriage proposals or wedding anniversaries.
Now, the …

Online Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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While some people are always going to love the look and feel of a physical paper wedding invitation, there is an increasing number of brides and grooms opting to go paperless for their wedding invitations …

What to know when planning a Destination Wedding

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If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable and unique wedding celebration, a destination wedding may be perfect for your wedding day. Although destination weddings may sound like nothing but relaxing in the sun, keep in …

Comparison between Suffolk House vs Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa

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Suffolk house is an 200 years Anglo Indian Garden House with the Stunning Colonial heritage interior. They are professional in Western Meal and all the chefs are well trained International. With its stylish interiors and …

Choosing wedding vendors

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Which wedding vendors you hire will be one of the most important decisions you make about your wedding day. The quality of your vendors will be the main factor that determines a fun, stress-free and …

Avoid Making Your Wedding into a Carnival

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We know your wedding should be fun and memorable for you and your wedding guests but keep in mind a goal to avoid making your wedding look and feel like a carnival. There are a …

Understanding Western Fine Dining and Table Manners


For many people, the first time they will ever enjoy a full fine dining meal is at a wedding. For others, they may simply not know proper etiquette for the event. Whether you are planning …

Should You Make Tradition a Part of Your Ceremony?


There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding ceremony and you will need to think carefully about traditions. They are often a very important part of your culture, and in those cases, …