In the whole wedding planning process, the most headache part could be the guests invitation. It is a big different than the corporate event. For corporate event, the committee just need to send one email out and wait for the respond through a systematic and easier way. For wedding event, due to the guests might come from different group, different background, different relationship, different preferred communication way, different location, different thought hence they will give different response.
In Traditional way, when we are inviting all the friends and relative to attend the wedding ceremony or reception until the wedding day, here are the common steps:
1. Design a Logo (optional)
2. Custom Design an invitation Card or Buy ready made invitation card or get Free from Hotel/Restaurant.
3. Create a invitation list of all the relatives, friends and co-workers.
4. Identify the group we will manually hand over to them, which group we will call to invite them , which group we will email /facebook them the invitation, which group our parents will contact them. Nowadays, some couples hire wedding planner to do invitation job.
5. Execute the invitation process. Keep track of their response.
6. Keep update the latest invitation list until the wedding date.
7. Link the guest invitation list with the seat arrangement plan.
8. Select a person to handle the guest list and seat arrangement plan on the wedding day.


In order to avoid any mistake and increase the effectiveness, the best way is to do it in the proper management. There are two systems that we can apply for the invitation : Centralized System or Decentralized System. Let me do a comparison .

Invitation System Centralized System Decentralized System
Description There is only one Master invitation list no matter who is recording. For eg: Bride and Groom are sharing a spreadsheet to update their own guest lists. Every authorized person record their own invitation list. For eg: Both Bride and Groom ‘s parents, brother and sister do their own invitation list.
  • Responsibility by the recorder
  • Effective management
  • Avoid multi-version
  • All guests list kept together
  • Standardized for all users
  • Effective decision if Bride & Groom are not the only person to place invitation.
  • Each inviter has more time to manage their own invitee
  • Effective management for big invitation list
  • Inviter feels good knowing they are in control of their own guest list
  • Bride and Groom must have a good mutual understanding to maintain the master list
  • Restrict more than one version which is difficult to implement
  • Need to assign the prime owner from bride and groom, therefore time consuming for the prime owner
  • May investment in more efficient filling equipment or automation
  • Confusion if any authorized inviter do not handle well
  • Can result in fragmented list and affect the seat arrangement plan
  • Must synchronize earlier to get the Master list and need to ensure accuracy.
  • Lack of uniformity or consistency.

To align with the technology world now, there are a new method to invite the guests through Website Invitation RSVP. Just imagine if you are planning for the western fine dining, how time consuming and a lot of manual work to be done in order to invite the guests and get the response. Sometimes, the invitation card is too small to specify all the detail. If you put every details in the A5 size cards, it might be too cram and complex. If you do not put all the relevant details, then the guests might be helpless. By using the website, you can integrate all your wedding details and updates, such as the wedding date, venue, time, concept, attire, wedding photo, RSVP food option for overseas friends and some recommendations about accommodation, map, travelling guide. For certain extend, you may do the gift registry especially for western wedding ceremony.

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