Who says your wedding must look exactly like everyone else’s? So many times, the décor and details you could choose are just generic in nature, and they have been used for far too long. Your special day should be just that: special. It should incorporate all types of personal details that make it unique to you and your betrothed. You need to ensure your wedding planner knows how to create a personalized day just for you and your style.


There are many ways to do this. Of course, a wedding theme can be one of them. There are some themes that people tend to use over and over again, but you must remember that you can design your wedding any way you would like. If you want your ceremony and reception to have a specific ancient Greek influence or to have elements of poker play and gambling, then go with your instinct. Some people think that their special day has to look a certain way, but it doesn’t. It can be whatever you want.

Another way to personalize your ceremony and reception is through traditions and homages to important aspects in your culture. Whether you want the whole ceremony to be cultural in nature or you want to add little elements throughout the day, this can add something special and unique that will make your wedding even more unique.
Keep in mind that your wedding should be just what you want it to be, from the theme to the décor to the flower arrangements. Anything you can do to add small touches of personalization will turn your day from something just like everyone else’s to moments that you will never forget. When you start planning, be sure to think about this and discuss what you want with your wedding planner.