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Every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams. At Isabell Wedding, we aim to help you see your dreams come to fruition, but without all the stress of wedding planning. Isabell Wedding is a luxury wedding planning company based in Penang. Our clients know us as the go-to business for creating an elegant, sophisticated, and imminently well-organized wedding.

Gone are the days when engaged couples had to trek across their home cities interviewing wedding planner after wedding planner. Isabell Wedding offers remote planning in the comfort of your own home. Our online system allows our clients to track every step of the process, including all of our conversations about the wedding itself. Don’t spend your engagement interviewing wedding planners and wasting time driving around. Let us take the wedding planning burden off of your shoulders and give you an event you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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What We Offer

For the couple on a budget who still wants a little help, this package is a great choice. We’ll manage wedding accommodations and logistics. We’ll also find and book vendors and ensure they’re in your budget. With our Easy Package, you don’t have to worry about endlessly calling vendors or making guest arrangements; we take care of it for you!
Our most luxurious package, this option alleviates all of the stress that comes with wedding planning. We’ll help you develop and customize your wedding theme and design, offer project supervision and planning, on-site wedding management, sound and lighting consultations and coordination, vendor planning and coordination, and attention to each and every detail.
The last thing you want to do on your big day is waste time ensuring everyone is where they’re supposed to be. With our wedding coordinator service, you’ll get access to four to six wedding coordinators who will make sure everything goes off without a hitch on your big day.
This option can be included in the other packages we provide, or can serve as a stand-alone product. Isabell Wedding will help you pick a wedding theme if you haven’t already done so, then customize your wedding to suit that theme. This includes choosing decorations and decorating your venue, helping you find music that suits your wedding theme, and consulting with you on ways to make your theme stand out.
Not interested in a package deal? No problem! We can design a program that suits your needs and that allows you to pick from our menu of services. From on-site wedding coordination to hiring vendors, we’re happy to help with any wedding task – no matter how small or large.
Isabell Wedding believes that every engaged couple is unique. We don’t force products or services on you; instead, we listen to what you need and then deliver flawless results. We can take care of a few minor details for you, or we can alleviate the entire burden of wedding planning and do it all. We offer the following services: