When lovers decided to enter into another stage of life, they have the same approach which is to have a meaningful and unforgettable wedding moment. Just because marriage have to be once in a life time, it should be perfectly arranged. Perfect wedding moment need to be well planned in every details, a romantic wedding guideline should be make your wedding ceremony more easier. The question is, how to get a complete wedding guideline? We will be here provide you the best advice and information, every individual style is should be unique, everyone can refer according to their favourite. In order of let everybody’s “first time” running smooth and happy, let us refer the guideline index, so that you will approximately have a briefly concept.

Understand Wedding Planning Schedule
If you wish to create your dream wedding ceremony dinner, then you need to understand the wedding schedule, so this can prevent from a hectic situation.
1) First of all, you need to take your wedding budget into calculation
2) Decided your wedding theme.(for eg: traditional, western, modern, garden, black-white classy, etc)
3) Add into your individual elements or your characteristic style after discuss with your partner. (For eg: warmth and sweet, funny but meaningful, casual, grand décor.

Save Wedding Budget
Normally, new marriage couples will have same difficulty to manage their budgets, basically, they only prepare a lump sum amount. Unpredictability, the spending will always more than initial planning. To assist you in budget planning, hereby we specially come out a wedding budget table format. New marriage couples must prepare themselves upfront , Most wedding will happen out of budget roughly 10%, make sure you have a proper planning.

Custom Wedding Printing items
Everyone need to order the Custom printing items such as wedding invitation cards, invitation blog, couple image bunting for the attractive wedding. The printing color should reference to the core wedding color idea. We strongly advice, please make sure THERE IS ONLY ONE MAIN COLOUR THEME in whole wedding process.

Sit on top of your wedding planner
Final decision maker responsibility is the control overall budge, monitor the wedding arrangement progress from all supplier party and you are your the wedding commander. You also have to make all the payment to every supplier such as restaurant , hotel after wedding dinner. You can choose your brothers or sisters or best friend to take this job. Another solution is to employ professional wedding planner to do the integration work.

Seek for Five Professional People.
Pastry Chef, Sound System Controller, Photographer, Florist, Makeup artist. All these professional people can assist you very well in your wedding dinner. They not only provide you the professional advice but they also help you to create your dream wedding.

Wedding MC
Majority people may not think about hiring a MC. In fact, professional MC will definitely add value to your wedding dinner, MC can make your wedding dinner become more special. Before wedding ceremony, marriage couple need to meet up with MC at least twice, tell MC that the feeling that you would like MC to present . It will be perfectly personalized your wedding style and make it very special than other’s wedding.

Choose your Best man and Bridesmaid
Everybody agree that Best man and Bridesmaid are must to have position. They are normally marriage couple’s trusted friends. During the wedding dinner, Best man and Bridesmaid have to take care of every details. Bridesmaid have to aware of the clothing, hairstyle, makeup. She also has to remind the bride that which guest table are bypassed during toasting. If the wedding gown happened accidentally lacerate, she will lead her sewing gang to troubleshoot the issue immediately. Best man also can helps bridegroom to settle different task or lighten the surrounding feeling.

Booking the Wedding Dinner Venue
We will provide wedding dinner information in this website. Please visit our website.

Wedding Rehearsal
During wedding day, the Schedule, March in, and every program should be beyond your preparation. So it will make you more relax. We suggest you should exercise overall program.

Design your Wedding Logo
Wedding logo represent your image and this is the trendy concept nowadays. The purpose to design your own logo is to give the deep impression to participant.

Design Wedding Webpage/Blog
Customize your own wedding blog/webpage is very easy nowadays. You just need to create one to two pages that’s all. In fact you also let your friend and family members know any recommended gifts so that they have idea what to give as wedding gift. This kind of service can be requested from us.

Design the Loving Process in Slideshow
Dig out your sweetest moment, wonderful loving memory and share among everyone. Let all your guests share your lovely story. This can prevent your guests never forget what is your husband or your wife’s name after the wedding dinner. Especially those guests who were invited by your parents, make them stand out from the crowd.

Personalized your Invitation Card
Invitation card is the first impression that make your guest feeling happy, excited , passionate and eager to attend. Please put more effort in your invitation card. If possible, print your wedding picture on invitation card is cost effective rather than give each relative one copy of your wedding photo. One creative example is to include the crossword or IQ Test on the invitation card. Then during wedding day, every participant can enjoy to the lucky draw session. This may indirectly give your guests feeling mystery, eager to come, enjoyful.

Exchange Wedding Ring Ceremony stimulate Climax
Its time to exchange wedding ring, bring let your wife stand on the stage . Your wedding ceremony should have a wonderful wedding ring box. A little props make your wedding to be more formal.

Create a Creative Welcome Guest Session
You can put your image bunting at the reception desk area and hide a video camera. Ask your guests speak best wishes. During wedding dinner, the video will broadcast on the screen and everyone can enjoy from this. You also can keep this video as a good memory.

Door Gift
No doubt, Door gift means to appreciate every participant. A non-expensive but special door gift represent your taste, your style, your character, create your awareness, make everybody happy.

Prepare a Special Designed Welcome board
Welcome board or stand always put at the entrance of your wedding venue. Before entering the venue, guests will read the welcome message. Normal welcome board is prepared by restaurant or hotel, of course, you can request to decorate the welcome stand.

Prepare a Center Stage Point
Normally wedding dinner will have many late comers. If you can prepare a center stage point for social purpose or dancing or gathering .It will be looks great.

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