Finding the perfect wedding to complement your wedding theme and the food you serve at your wedding reception is a small detail but many people will remember it. Wedding guests will be raising their glasses in honor of the two of you at your wedding reception. Don’t you want to make sure those glasses are filled with the perfect wine selected specifically for the occasion?


You don’t have to be a sommelier or wine steward to select a great wine that will pair well with every course of your chosen meal and match your wedding theme. Below are a few of our tips to choosing the perfect wedding wine.


  1. Study up. Have a couple of wine tasting sessions with your fiancé before your food tasting to get a feel for what types of wine you prefer. Do you like noble red wines with a hint of spice or would you rather sip a clean sweet white with notes of citrus?
  2. During your food tasting, bring your wine options so you can taste the combination ahead of time. The truest way to get an idea if wine and food will go great together is to try them together and decide for yourself!
  3. If you’ll be serving your chosen wine with dinner, select a wine that will set off your menu. It can be hard to choose wines to fit your whole menu, but in general if you have a rich and heavy meal, choose a rich white wine or a bold red; a lighter, summery meal calls for a light aromatic white or clean, sweet red.
  4. Although we know it’s impossible to please everyone, avoid a wine that may be unpleasant for some. Oaky white wines and big tannic reds can be offensive flavors to some guests.
  5. Choose wine that you like! The most important aspect in choosing your wedding wine is whether you like it…it is your day!
  6. Be original. Don’t feel as if you have to serve champagne during the toasts and French wines during dinner. This is your wedding and it’s your choice.


With so many available options finding the right wine to pair with your wedding dinner can be a difficult task. Just remember that wine pairing doesn’t have to be difficult – after all, the most important thing is that you like the wine!