If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable and unique wedding celebration, a destination wedding may be perfect for your wedding day. Although destination weddings may sound like nothing but relaxing in the sun, keep in mind that there’s still planning that needs to be done. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for and plan your wedding in paradise.


Plan ahead.

Many people seem to think that because you’ll be hosting a wedding in an exotic location, there’s less planning involved. While there will likely be less people to plan for, there are still a large number of details that need to be considered and decided upon.


Think of (and stick to) your wedding budget.

Just as with a hometown wedding it’s crucial that you think of your wedding budget before you begin or very early in the planning process. This helps to know what little extras you’ll want to provide for both yourself and your destination wedding guests.


Spread the word, early.

It’s always best to send out save the dates for your destination wedding as far in advance as possible. About six to eight months is ideal for a wedding that your guests will have to make travel arrangements for.


Decide on a second reception, or not.

The decision to have a destination wedding is a big one. You have to keep in mind that everyone that you’d like to be there might not be able to make the trip. That being said, there’s always the option of hosting a second reception after you return from your honeymoon so that those people that couldn’t attend your wedding can still celebrate with you.


Take care of your wedding guests.

Remember, those guests that do attend your destination wedding have to take time away from work, save money for the trip and possibly find someone to watch their children. If it’s in your budget, pay for certain parts of their trip like meals or drinks, create gift baskets for them upon arrival or any other sweet gesture to let them know you appreciate their attendance.


Not only is planning a destination wedding a unique alternative, it’s also a great way to combine both your wedding and a honeymoon. Whether you’re planning an intimate day for just the two of you or a weeklong celebration with your closest friends and family, remember it’s all about celebrating the love you share!