We know your wedding should be fun and memorable for you and your wedding guests but keep in mind a goal to avoid making your wedding look and feel like a carnival. There are a couple of wedding decoration ideas that have been used which don’t seem to convey the importance, romance and style of a wedding day effectively.


Using teddy bear images, toy bears and other bear decorations can bring out the kid in all of us, but using these for wedding decorations can be seen simply as childish. While teddy bears make for a charming Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie, a wedding is not the place to have teddy bears on display.

Balloons are for celebrations right? Wrong! At a wedding ceremony or reception balloons seem convey that you didn’t want to take the time to really think about your wedding decorations. We suggest you save the balloons for birthday parties, graduations and holiday parties. Weddings are typically much more elegant and formal events, where there’s no place for balloon decorations.


If you’re thinking about using decorations that are better suited to a child’s birthday party, please think again. While you should have the wedding day of your dreams, there are some decoration ideas that just don’t work at a wedding…but they’ll work at your local summer carnival!