Of course, the two most important people on your wedding day will be you and your fiancé/betrothed. You will want a day that is centred around the two of you, but it’s also a good idea to make sure your guests have fun. When people have gone out of their way to come to your special event, then be sure that they enjoy the celebration itself. There are a few things you may completely overlook that could be very important to your guests. Just by making a few minor changes, you can ensure that everyone will have a good time during the special day.
Make Sure You Don’t Pick a Bad Date
When you start planning your wedding, be very careful of the date you choose. If you decide to have the ceremony on a holiday, keep in mind that you are greatly inconveniencing your guests. Many may not come at all, and others will feel like they are missing something else special in their lives.
Make Things Comfortable
Consider the weather and your venue before you decide how to plan your wedding. Think about the average weather during the time of year and plan accordingly. For example, don’t plan the wedding outside when it is supposed to be scorching out or during the raining season. Your guests will not appreciate the great discomfort.
Avoid the Never Ending Toast
It is nice when family or friends want to toast the new couple on the wedding day, but when toasts go on and on, the guests can become frustrated, antsy, or downright bored. Try to limit the number of people giving a toast and then make sure they are keeping things fairly short and sweet.

If you take the time to consider your guests before the wedding, you can ensure that everyone enjoys the day, and you certainly want the people you care about to enjoy the event

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