Once you decide to get married and send out the “Save the Date” card, people will start calling you to congratulate you and ask about the gift registry. Then, gifts will start arriving at your home, sometimes even months before you get married. This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead for your “thank you” notes.
The List
In order to send the invitations, you had to call friends and relatives and ask their addresses. Let’s hope you did not throw that list away, because now you will need it once again. Make sure that you write the exact description of the gift a family sends you next to their names, the moment you receive it. It is important to write a specific description, as you might have more than one set of glasses in your registry and they might get mixed up. Mentioning the gift in the card is a must.

The Timing
It is considered good manners to send the thank you notes for the gifts that you receive before the wedding within two to three weeks. For the gifts that you receive at and after the wedding, the thank you notes should be posted within two months after your wedding date.

The Wording

  • You can use the thank you notes to express your gratitude to people for both sending a gift and coming to the wedding. Of course, for people who sent their gift before the wedding, this is not the case.
  • If you received a check or cash mention how you are going to use them (to decorate the nursery, to buy a family car etc)
  • For thank you notes after the wedding you can use your married name as a signature. This is a great way to get used to it! It is considered bad manners though to do so for notes sent before the wedding. Using your maiden name in that case is appropriate.

Keep in mind that thank you notes take time and it is never too early to start. Ordering the cards along with your invitations is a good plan. Good luck!