There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding ceremony and you will need to think carefully about traditions. They are often a very important part of your culture, and in those cases, you will most likely want to include them. However, keep in mind that the customs you choose to have in your ceremony or to not include are totally up to you and your betrothed.
If you have a reason why the traditions would be important, like they are a part of your culture or your religion, then most definitely consider adding them in. If you don’t have any particular customs connected to you, then you could choose something you consider beautiful or meaningful and include it if you would like. Some of the common options are the following:
Lighting a unity candle is a Christian tradition to indicate two families becoming one. The parents of each side light individual candles and then the bride and groom light a candle together with the individuals. This is a lovely way of connecting two families and individuals.
Other traditions that many people choose for their ceremony include:
• Handfasting or hand fastening (Ancient British)
• Jumping the Broom (African and African American)
• Rose Presentation (Western)
• Devotion to Mary (Catholic)
• The Lazo or Wedding Rosary (Asian and Hispanic)
• The Henna Party (Indian)
• Five Wedding Ceremonies of Festivities
• Pour Tea for the Elders and then the Elders Give Ang Pao (Chinese)
• The Hair Combing Ritual (Chinese)
Should you choose to include traditions in your wedding ceremony or through the days surrounding it? This is something that you need to discuss with your family and with your betrothed. It should be a personal decision based on your beliefs as well as your culture, so choose them carefully and they can add something very special to the day that you get married.