We’ve all been to countless weddings and after a while, many of them tend to blend together in a blur of satin, lace, flowers, food and dancing. While traditional weddings are beautiful and memorable, shouldn’t your wedding day reflect your personality?


Your wedding doesn’t have to be anything like other weddings you’ve been to. You and your partner aren’t a dime a dozen, and your wedding day shouldn’t be either. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of planning your wedding the way that all of the shows, websites, magazines and wedding planning books dictate. However, your wedding day should be about what you want, not what you think others will want. There are countless unique touches that can be injected into your wedding celebration to make it unique to you.

When planning a wedding, many people don’t realize how important the small details are. But small unique touches throughout your wedding day will make a great impression on your wedding guests and will keep them talking. That said, you still want to avoid mixing up a bunch of your favorite ideas from wedding websites and blogs. This may make your wedding into an odd mixture of details that seem like a bizarre combination of styles and themes.

Look for ways to reflect you and your fiancé’s personalities and hobbies in the details of your wedding day. A groom’s cake with his favorite sports team, unique wedding bands, a non-traditional wedding party and wedding favors that have special meaning – these are just some examples of personalized touches that your wedding guests will notice and appreciate.

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without having to worry about what everyone else wants your day to be like. Always remember – this is your day and it’s although you’re happy to celebrate with loved ones, the most important thing is that you get to marry your true love and celebrate your new life together. It should be all about what the two of you want, and no one else.