While some people are always going to love the look and feel of a physical paper wedding invitation, there is an increasing number of brides and grooms opting to go paperless for their wedding invitations and RSVPs. While some wedding experts are averse to the idea of online wedding invitations and RSVPs, there are many wedding professionals actually suggesting the use of e-vites for weddings. Whatever side you’re on, we’d like to share some tips and tricks for online wedding invitations that will help you make your decision.


Some say that online wedding invitations and RSVPs are tacky or that you can’t have a beautiful design with e-vites. This can’t be further from the truth, especially in recent years. People have also argued that setting up an online wedding invitation is complicated and that only a website developer could figure it out. This is also not true. Most online wedding invitation companies have affordable yet elegant invitations that are easy to create and send out.

If you have wedding guests that you fear may not be tech savvy enough to RSVP online, there are several companies that allow you to design your wedding invitation for online use but they also have the option to send the same invitation in paper form to those guests. This way you’ve got the best of both worlds – not sending huge amounts of paper invites, but all guests will know exactly how to let you know that they’ll be there!

Weddings are full of card-sending occasions. There’s the save-the-dates, bridal shower invites, rehearsal dinner cards, thank you cards, and of course the wedding invitations themselves. If you’re looking for one way to cut costs or use less paper for your wedding but aren’t keen on the idea of e-vites for the wedding itself, send paperless invites for some of the small events leading up to the wedding.

There are many compromises that can be made so that you can save money and time without sacrificing elegance in your wedding invitations. It’s all about making sure that your day is what you want it to be and that you have the most memorable wedding day possible.