How to Come Up with Meaningful and Heartfelt Wedding Vows

These days, more couples are choosing to use custom wedding vows instead of the standard lines. Because the words are tailor-fit to how each one really feels for the other and what he or she is willing to commit, the message becomes more heartfelt and meaningful. Furthermore, even the guests are moved since the vows reflect the love story, experiences, thoughts, feelings, and dreams of the couple.

So how can you come up with such wonderful wedding vows? Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Don’t copy.
    It’s never good to copy others’ words because when you say them, they don’t sound as profound and sincere. You may use a line or two from your favorite book or movie, or perhaps a famous quote that seems appropriate for what you want to express. But the majority of the words should come straight from your heart.
  • Use your natural language and way of speaking.
    You don’t need to come up with poetic phrases and flowery play of words. Just be genuine in expressing how you feel and how you intend to commit to your partner for the rest of your life. It’s better to use ordinary words that will sound more like you. You can use your mother tongue if you wish, so long as the ceremony officiant approves. In some cases, a translator simply states the English version after the vows have been said to one another. Sometimes the English translation is flashed on a wide screen too.
  • Recall the past and look to the future.
    Think of how you began as a couple, why you fell in love in the first place, and what you’ve been through to get to this stage in your lives. Then imagine the future you would like to have with your spouse. These will help you formulate the words you wish to say during the wedding vows.
  • Have an expert writer/editor refine your words.
    If you are really not good with words, you can always ask a friend who is to check your written personalized vows and to revise or refine without changing the message. You may also ask a professional writer/editor to do this for you.
  • Ask for the approval of the ceremony officiant.
    What are amazing vows for if you won’t be allowed to say them during the ceremony? Hence you must seek the approval of the officiant to make sure.

Remember that you only get to say these wedding vows to your loved one once. Thus, you really need to craft your words carefully and meaningfully to be able to touch the heart of your partner and express your deepest thoughts and feelings.

The vows are one of the most romantic and the most memorable parts of any wedding. Your wedding vows are the promises you and your partner will be making to each other while looking deeply into each others eyes on one of the best days of your lives.


While writing your own vows on your wedding day may be no easy task, it’s an amazing way to convey your true feelings for the love of your life. We’re going to share some tips on how to create vows that convey your genuine feelings for your future spouse.


Tips to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

  1. Don’t Procrastinate.
    Leaving your wedding vows until the day before the wedding (or even the week before) can leave you scrambling. Give your wedding vows the time and consideration they deserve. Begin working on your vows at least a month before the wedding so you can have a first draft roughly three weeks before the wedding.
  2. Coordinate with your fiancé.
    Talk with your fiancé before writing your wedding vows to figure out details. How long will your vows be? What overall tone are you going for – serious or lighthearted? Are you writing vows together or separately?
  3. Take time to be alone.
    Solo time for self-reflection is a great way to think about how you feel about your future spouse. Some questions to ask yourself are: what did you think when you first saw him or her? When did you first realize you were in love? How has being with your partner improved your life? Answers to these questions can lead to some amazing wedding vows!
  4. Borrow ideas.
    Using words and/or phrases from books, poetry or even romantic movies that capture your feelings is a great way to get ideas for your vows. Just don’t be too cliché!
  5. Don’t forget about your audience.
    Vows shouldn’t be so personal that none of your guests follow. Everyone at the wedding should feel like part of the moment.
  6. Timing is everything.
    An ideal length for wedding vows is about one minute each. Get to the heart of how much your partner means to you and the promises you’re making. Save stories, details and other thoughts for reception toasts.
  7. Practice, practice, practice.
    You’ll be speaking your vows out loud in front of friends and family so it’s best to practice them out loud ahead of time. This will ensure everything sounds good spoken aloud and there are no tongue twisters or phrases that are tripping you up.

Writing your own wedding vows can be daunting, but it’s a highly personal and extremely romantic way to tell your partner exactly how you feel about them. Relax and be honest when writing and reciting your vows and your fiancé and your guests will love the individuality and romance!