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Few wedding receptions are as uniquely beautiful as this gorgeous rustic wedding reception at the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang. With the peaceful Andaman Sea in the distance and towering casuarina trees swaying overhead, there’s …

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Wedding Venue

Introduce different venue for wedding ceremony and reception

Wedding Theme

Unique and personalized theme make the whole wedding concept looks special , elegance and meaningful.


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wedding planner

wedding ceremony or reception is just within one two day. But the planning and preparation process might be a couple of months

Sense of Flower

flower arrangement, centerpiece, flower arch, all about flowers.

wedding planner

Relax, Focus on Your Day and Leave the Stress to the Wedding Planner


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Personalized Wedding Adds the Perfect Element to Your Day


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Consider a Beautiful Trend in the Wedding Theme


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Hawaii Night crossover Bubble Wedding Party at hArd rOck Hotel

Talk about great fun for this party! This wedding event is definitely a night to remember, as we planned out unforgettable fun with bubbles amid a Hawaiian theme.
Given the opportunity to coordinate this 3-day wedding …

A Little Something to Take Home


Should You Include Wedding Favors at Your Reception?
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Who Should You Include In Your Queer Wedding?


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