Five Stylish, Affordable, and Easy-to-Create DIY Wedding Centerpieces
If you’re on a tight budget and yet would still love to make your wedding décor extra special, you can go for DIY wedding centerpieces. After all, aside from the couple’s table and backdrop, the next important and most eye-catching décor pieces are the ones placed on the guest tables. And since you’ll only need one for each table, this will not be too time-consuming for you.

Bead Bonanza
For a glamorous look, grab various pieces of crystal beads in all sorts of shapes and sizes from your local crafts store and string them together with medium-sized wire that can easily be bent but is not too weak. You may even throw in beads and gemstones from your old accessories. Come up with plenty of beaded wire sticks that you can put together in a simple glass or plain-colored vase. You can opt to attach flowers on the top tips or leave them as they are. Meanwhile, if you want a more casual and whimsical look, you can choose to use colorful acrylic, glass, and clay beads.
Candle Charm
You just need one huge piece of candle for each table, white or colored ones that would suit your wedding motif and theme. Tie the bottom part with a wide ribbon and attach some gems if you like. Next, place the candle on a stylish plate and surround it with pebbles and stones. You may include several pieces of flowers or perhaps a small bunch on one side.
Colored Vases and Fresh Flowers
Prepare transparent glass vases, preferably around three to five for each table. They can be of different heights or not. Fill each one with colored water or make a pattern with colored sands. Then insert one flower in each vase.

Folds and Cuts on Branches
Birds and branches look good together, especially for a garden or nature themed wedding celebration. For this particular DIY centerpiece, you will need an old glass container that you can paint completely with the use of acrylic paint (if you don’t have enough nice vases). Make sure to choose one with a wide opening. Place a small piece of Styrofoam inside and gather some twigs and small branches you can put together. They should be thin enough. One part will be stuck through the styro for the entire thing to stand. Afterward, cut out birds on patterned papers or do some Origami birds. Hang them on strings tied to the branches. You may opt to add glitters to the branches or stick on some shiny gems.
Books and Teacups
Now you can finally have some use for your old and heavy encyclopedias and other thick hard-bound books at home. Pile two or three together as your centerpiece and add an attractive, elegant teacup on top. Fill the teacup with small flowers that match your motif. You can sprinkle some of the flowers on and around the books as well.
Enjoy working on any of these DIY centerpiece ideas for your wedding!