Many states have legalized same sex marriages and a few countries around the world have done the same as well. There is still a long way to go, but it is a start and if you have decided to get married with your significant other, now you have the option! However, queer weddings can be tricky, as unfortunately some families are not as accepting of differences as others. This can cause quite tension, but here are a few ways to make the guest choice that will cause the less drama.

The parents
Sometimes even the most conservative parents become more mellow when it comes to their child’s wedding. Even if they hate the fact that you identify as queer or they dislike your partner, do make one last attempt to talk them into coming to your wedding. Of course, this should be the case only if you do want them there. You have more chances of succeeding if you join forces with your partner and make them feel that you love and accept them even though they do not accept you. This might teach them a lesson as well.

If your colleagues do not know that you are queer already because it is a new work environment or because you feel that this would jeopardize your career, you can choose to not invite them. A marriage does not stay a secret forever though, and it might be a good idea to ask them to be present and show them how much you love your partner and that love is love no-matter-what. That might help them become more accepting.

Extended family

If you or your partner is transgender but your extended family and friends do not know about it, you can still keep it that way. It is highly likely though that you also have queer friends who might see your wedding as a great occasion to celebrate equal rights and be themselves. Unless you want your grandfather to end up with a stroke, it is a good idea to inform people beforehand. They can always choose not to show up if sexual diversity offends them. It can be harsh, but being yourself and acknowledging the identity of your friends is more important than what people think and say.