When you begin planning your wedding, so many different things will come to mind: who will be your bridesmaids, what types of food will you include at the reception, and what colors will you include in the décor? There is one thing you may not have considered. Have you ever thought about adding a theme to the event?
For most people, the wedding theme is a new concept. This idea to is create one cohesive influence that will affect everything from the clothes for the wedding party to the ceremony itself to the reception itself. Your theme can be almost anything you want, but there are a few ideas you could consider.
Often, people think of a theme that is somehow based on love, true love, or lasting love. You could pick colors like red or burgundy and then white or silver. You could also choose hearts and roses to stay in keeping with the theme. Other options include:
• Diamonds and Shine
• Old Western Hollywood
• Black Tie Style
• Cherry Blossoms or Sakura
• At the Beach
• Beautiful Butterflies
• Victorian Elegance or Vintage
• Tropical
• Starry Night
Once you pick a theme, this will affect everything about your wedding. For example, if you chose black tie style, you could pick bridesmaids’ dresses that are sleek and black or white. If you chose beautiful butterflies, you could include the little winged creatures in bouquets. If you picked a starry night theme, you could pick deep blues for the colors at the wedding and reception.
You have different ways to create a wedding of your dreams, and the theme is just one of them. This is a great tool to pull everything together for a cohesive look. You can use elements of the theme in invitations, in the flowers and clothing, and even in decorations and details at the reception.