Wedding cupcakes are all the rage nowadays. Your grandmother however might find them “cheap” and a bit too casual. Is she right or should you feel free to enjoy this new wedding fashion without doubts? Let the battle begin!
It really depends on who is making the cake/cupcakes and how elaborate you want your decoration. For a common cake decorator, making a spectacular wedding cake is much less time-consuming than decorating 200 equally spectacular cupcakes. This is why cupcakes end up costing as much as a wedding cake, if not more. For an amateur though (see: your best friend or your mom), making cupcakes look cute is much easier than assembling and decorating a huge wedding cake. You can even purchase grocery store cupcakes and dress them up with icing and sprinkles for the wedding and you are done! However, for the professional cake decorator nowadays, you can create your unique pattern /shape of wedding cake .

Well, it is obvious that the cupcakes are more fun. No elaborate cutting, no need to seat down to eat them. Your guests can keep dancing and enjoy a wedding cupcake at the same time. As for your grandmother, who is missing a grandiose wedding cake, just encourage her to remember her childhood and just taste how tasty your wedding cupcakes actually are. Plus, with cupcakes you are not limited to one flavour! You can mix and match as many as you want and every guest can pick their favourite.
If your family is really traditional, then they will expect to see the cake cutting tradition take place. You can please them and have your cupcakes as well. All you need to do is order a small, plate-sized cake to cut, plus the cupcakes for your guests. On the other hand, if your family is paying for the reception and a wedding cake is what they really want, you can go for the cake and have fun with the icing and decorations.

In the end, it is all a matter of taste and both choices can be elegant or fun, depending on your style. Sometimes it is not only for taste but it is also for photo shooting purpose. Anyway, As long as it tastes good, your guests will be happy.