Wedding Planner Tips: Before planning a wedding, Most Wedding couples are indecisive and they would like to know more about the quotation/price for their own budgeting. Understand that will be the first marriage of every couple. After compile all the questions , vendors quote.

Here we reveal the STANDARD market price for your reference.  And this is also based on our marketing reference.

Hotel Food : RM600 to RM1500 per table
Restaurant/Catering Food : RM300 to RM1000 per table
Wine/Beer/Liquid : RM20++ onwards
Live Band / Performer : RM1600 to RM5000
Emcee : RM500 to RM2000
Lighting : RM300 to RM10,000
Sound System: RM400 to RM1500
Projector : RM300 to RM2000
Low Level Videographer : below RM2000
Medium Level Videographer : RM2000 to RM5000
High Level Videographer : RM5000 and above
Low Level Photographer: below RM2000
Medium Level Photographer: RM2000 to RM5000
High Level Photographer: RM5000 and above
送嫁娘 Chinese Bridal Service Agent: RM500 to RM2000
Make up Artist/Hair style Artist : RM300 to RM1000
Cake Vendor : RM200 to RM10,000
Low Level Decoration: Below RM2000
Free Decoration : from Hotel/Restaurant
Medium Level Decoration : RM2000 to RM10,000
High Level Decoration : RM5,000 to RM20,000
Bridal Car Rental : RM300 to RM5000
Bridal Bouquet : RM50 to RM500
Bridal Car Decoration RM100 to RM1000
Bridal Gown Rental : RM200 to RM2000
Bridal Gown Customization : RM3000 onwards
Door Gift : RM1 to RM50
Invitation Card Ready Made : RM1.00 to RM10
Invitation Card Custom Made : RM10 to RM50
Car/Van/Coach with Driver : RM50 to RM350