Simple yet oozing with elegance and romance, this beach-garden wedding exclusive party was a definite hit among the guests who felt very relaxed and blissful during the event. At the same time, the dainty and sweet-love-is-in-the-air decors truly made the newlyweds happy and very much in love!
We wanted to come up with a cozy, romantic ambiance that would enhance the beauty of the natural surroundings and at the same time bring out an aura of sophistication and an atmosphere of family.
Comforting Hues of the Ocean
You’ll notice the beautiful and comforting hues of the ocean that we played around with in decorating the area. With aqua ribbons and shades of blue in the flowers contrasting with cream-colored and white fabrics and pots, the entire look seemed like a lovely painting of the ocean and the beach blending with the sky.
Because this was an exclusive party wherein guests were mostly close family and friends, it was important to make everybody feel as if they were just home but embraced by the calming beauty of Mother Nature.
Crystal Droplets and Dainty Flowers
We incorporated clear crystal droplets with the dainty blue, beige, and white flowers for the centerpieces, arch designs, and more. These droplets looked like shimmering rain amid a stunning garden, giving the impression of heaven showering its blessing on the couple.
At the same time, the clusters of white, cream, and taupe blooms add to the feeling of relaxation while providing a touch of countryside charm. In this manner, everybody gets to enjoy a more laidback feel of the party.
Romantic, Posh Touches of White
Just look at the pretty patterns of white vases, candelabras, and old-style lamps fused with clear crystals and snow-colored roses! They seem to represent pure love and beauty while injecting a natural kind of elegance. Especially when the day began to darken, the lights we arranged around the area brought out even greater splendor in the style of the place. Yet all the decors were done in such a way that they still did not steal the spotlight away from the stars of the party— the newly wedded couple!