If you don’t want to end up with dark circles under your eyes by the time you need to walk down that aisle, it’s best to have a wedding coordinator at your back. Hiring a wedding coordinator several months before the big day is valuable most especially if you’re not such an organized person and you’re not very good with details. Your event planner can do these things for you and more.

Here are the reasons why a wedding coordinator is a must months before your wedding:

• As your wedding nears, you can’t help feeling more nervous and tense. You suddenly become forgetful and jumpy and even moody at times. This is why it’s best to have a genuine professional handle things for you and keep track of all the details.
• Your wedding planner can carry the burden for you so that you can relax and prepare yourself physically and emotionally for this huge change in your life. Let the planner talk to the suppliers, manage the RSVP, organize the seating arrangement, and more. Of course you can still be there for consultation and monitoring, but at least you won’t do most of the hard work.
• Wedding coordinators know a lot of good vendors so you can ask for recommendations if you lack a few more. They have also been through a lot of weddings and know which boo-boo’s to expect and watch out for. Thus, they can help you plan ahead and come up with a Plan B and a Plan C for certain aspects of your event.

Of course, if you’re on a very tight budget, you can always settle for on-the-day wedding coordination. This is certainly something you wouldn’t want to skip if you wish to stay sane and of course happy on this much-awaited day. Here are the specific reasons you’ll have to avail of an OTD package from an experienced wedding planner:

• More often than not, things don’t go according to the plan during the wedding day itself. Thus, it’s important to have a planner who can fix these problems without you being aware of it.
• Of course you can’t go running around in your wedding attire, giving the cue to the band or checking if the projector is set up already. A team of coordinators will take care of all these behind-the-scenes matters while you smile and enjoy the moment.
• This is your day. Spend it with your beloved spouse and share the happiness with your family and friends instead of preoccupying your mind with running the event and handling the details.

Remember that you’re not a superhero who can fly from one place to another in case of emergencies or who can freeze everyone as you fix something. You can’t split yourself into two or more, so it’s better to accept the fact that an efficient team of wedding coordinators will give you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

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