There’s nothing like Christmas to spread cheer and feelings of love! No wonder more couples are opting for this theme for their wedding day celebration, whether or not their special day falls on December.
Instantly put your guests in a joyful and giving mood by preparing a beautiful, fun Christmas-themed wedding. In this particular set of decorations, you’ll see that we decorated a wedding that revolved around White Christmas. We aimed for something romantic and classic-looking yet original, utterly beautiful, and very elegant.
Fancy, Colorful, and Romantic
We came up with our signature DIY flowers and spread them in the background of the couple’s stage as well as on other walls. Balled flowers in white and yellow hanging from white posts with twirling edges lined up the middle aisle, adding a more interesting touch in the center of attention. These decors were quite simple, but definitely romantic and fun too. They also matched our backdrop of DIY flowers.
For some of the table centerpieces, we used plain branches embellished with tiny, glittery balls, lovely flowers, and white candles. With the mood lights and ceiling lights at work, all our decors came to life even more, dancing in purple and yellow while some of the ornamental elements showed off twinkling silver and gold. Everything looked fancy, colorful, and romantic, bringing out the cheerful and full-of-love Christmas spirit.
Extraordinary Reindeer Decors
What the couple and their guests loved the most about what we did were the extraordinary paper reindeer sculptures we came up with. Decked in white and mixed in with huge gold frames along with white feathers, plus the effects of lighting on this setup, everybody just admired our work. As you can see in the pictures, we also incorporated huge tree branches with hanging balls in gold and silver. It was definitely very Christmas in appearance!
Moreover, there were also arches that we arranged to look like Christmas wreaths complete with beautiful holiday season bells. These bells, of course, are also popular wedding symbols. Hence, the design was just perfect!
Indeed we always do our best in whatever theme you have in mind. And when we decorate the place, we always consider what the couple would love and prefer based on our conversations with them. Furthermore, we consider how the guests will feel as they enter the place and take part in the celebration.
For this White Christmas wedding event, everybody was definitely instantly put in a wonderful festive mood!