Often times the best wedding suppliers in the market are either very difficult to reach and book because of the long line of clients or have such steep prices you don’t know where the heck you’ll get the money to pay them. There’s only one solution here— don’t go for these big-time vendors. Instead, look for the smaller players who can likewise provide amazing products and/or services and yet offer reasonable rates. However, the question is this: where can you find such good but affordable wedding suppliers?
Word of mouth is very powerful. Hence, you’re sure to hear about these creative photographers or start-up wedding cake company from your friends and colleagues. Let people know of the vendors you need and you’re bound to come across someone who’ll refer you to a proven wedding vendor. Sometimes the people you know have been to weddings where they had noticed the efficient coordinators, the delicious food, or the cool give-aways. Then they can ask the wedded couple for the contact number so you can get hold of these suppliers.

Social Media
As already said, it’s good to make others know. One effective way to do this is through your social media networks or accounts. Post a status on Facebook about looking for a supplier of your wedding flowers or Tweet about your search for a great wedding singer. Make a pin board on Pinterest to show images of your dream wedding gowns. Doing these simple things will get the word around that you are searching for these particular wedding vendors. Before you know it, you’re already being bombarded with messages from friends and proposals from actual vendors.

Bloggers’ Reviews
Often times you can rely on ordinary bloggers to give their honest opinions when reviewing wedding vendors. It’s best to go for the not-so-commercialized blog sites so that you know that it’s not some form of advertising. Check out what these people have to say about specific suppliers. Similarly, you may check out some wedding websites of couples who have gotten married. They usually post their list of suppliers.

Forum Discussions
Where can you often find honest-to-goodness opinions where you can openly discuss about different wedding vendors to consider? There’s no other better place for this than in forum discussions. Be active in various forums and meet plenty of about-to-be-wed individuals like you. Also get to interact with those who have “been there and done that”. You’ll surely be able to pick up some insightful feedback on where to find good but affordable wedding suppliers.

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