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Few wedding receptions are as uniquely beautiful as this gorgeous rustic wedding reception at the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang. With the peaceful Andaman Sea in the distance and towering casuarina trees swaying overhead, there‚Äôs …

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Wedding Venue

Introduce different venue for wedding ceremony and reception

Wedding Theme

Unique and personalized theme make the whole wedding concept looks special , elegance and meaningful.


idea, creative,unique design, Graphic Design art, Invitation Design, Logo , Place name card, Food Menu, Welcome Card, Program Fan

wedding planner

wedding ceremony or reception is just within one two day. But the planning and preparation process might be a couple of months

Sense of Flower

flower arrangement, centerpiece, flower arch, all about flowers.

Western Wedding versus Eastern Wedding

Meet with many many clients. Sometimes its very funny to see my clients in theme selection. Not saying in personalized custom theme but for those basic theme like western or eastern (Oriental or Middle east style). I met client whereby the groom likes eastern but the bride likes western or the other way round. I met client that the groom’s family prefer western but the bride’s parents feel better on oriental wedding… Perhaps Marriage is not only the matter of two person but it is the matter between two family.
No matter how, there is still solution and toleration between bride and groom. People say that, if we love someone we have to love his/her everything. Wedding is just happen in one day but the lovely memory should be forever.
Below just shown some examples how the both western and eastern wedding theme can be done in one wedding reception, this is something about two theme in one..

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