Usually, weddings include a big group of people, around 200-500 guests. These days, though, more and more couples are opting for small-scale, more intimate celebrations. The new generation is throwing old traditions to the wind and trying out various ways to make their wedding day special and extraordinary. For many, having a relaxed cocktail party with close family and friends is a great way to celebrate their union as husband and wife together with the people they care about and they know very well.
Whether you’re having an intimate party in a restaurant, private house or garden, or hotel area, it’s essential to still make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Indeed a cocktail get-together can be stylish and elegant if done the right way. And this is where we come in— to ensure that your venue is dolled up to help fill the air with love and express the beauty of marriage.
Sweet Sensations in a Laidback Atmosphere
You’ll notice how we placed numerous hanging origami birds from the low ceiling of the venue, reminiscent of sweet childhood memories or perhaps of a cozy home in the countryside. Indeed even amid a hotel setup, you can create a laidback atmosphere like this which is suitable for an intimate gathering.
Match these light-colored paper birds with beautiful flowers here and there, perhaps a couple of books, sweets, and coffee, and your guests will instantly feel relaxed and happy.
Stylish and Sophisticated Decors
Even if you opt for something laidback or countryside-inspired, you can most definitely still go for stylish and sophisticated decors. In this case, we decided to display lovely white drapes accentuated with white flowers. We used these for the wooden railings of the stairs and pathways, so that guests will immediately be welcomed as they make their way to the main area.
The white trimmings are characteristic of a beautiful and elegant wedding while blending in well with the other decors to create a comfortable, peaceful, and easygoing atmosphere.
Some couples today are more appreciative of this type of decoration rather than going for a formal affair.