No matter how perfect the entire scene of your wedding day plays in your mind and how much effort you’ve exerted into the preparations, there’s bound to be something amiss on the day of the celebration. This has been proven time and again in all prior weddings. However, minor changes and adjustments don’t have to ruin your event. These are normal. Such boo-boo’s, though, can be greatly minimized with the help of a wedding planner.
Schedule Mishaps
If there’s no wedding planner to monitor the time and to make sure the planned timetable is more or less followed, there is a big tendency for many weddings to go overtime. In such cases, couples may end up paying extra for the rented venue. At times, a huge chunk of the program would need to be scrapped too.
Moreover, schedule mishaps may cause photographers to miss out on great photo shoot opportunities. You also don’t want to be late at your own wedding ceremony or to keep the guests waiting for long and guessing if the wedding’s pushing through. Hence, the solution is to leave this matter in the hands of a trusted and experienced wedding planner.
Forgotten Gifts and Give-away
Sometimes, gifts for the principal sponsors and entourage members are not given on time. There are also weddings in which only a few people had received the giveaways. This is because the distribution of these is often unheeded and may be forgotten, unless you have several wedding coordinators to hand them out before the guests trickle away.
Seating Arrangements
One difficulty often experienced in weddings is the matter of seating arrangements. The couple decides on this and gives a copy to the wedding planner. Without someone to take care of it, you might end up having annoyed guests because they can’t be with people they know or because they don’t have good seats when they are supposed to be close relatives. It is also pertinent to have a qualified coordinator deal with adjustments in case there are people who are not on the list.
Music Mix-Ups
Do you want a sweet ballad to play just when the groom is about to do his sexy dance for the garter ceremony? Do you want a soft instrumental instead of an upbeat tune to fill the room just when the emcee has announced your grand entrance? These mix-ups in music can certainly break the mood and ruin the moment. It’s advisable to have a wedding planner closely monitoring what comes out of the speakers or cueing the band or quartet when needed.
A wedding planner is not a sure-fire way to make your day absolutely free of boo-boo’s. But at least having one around means you can relax, enjoy, and be assured that your event is in good hands no matter what happens.