Decorating a beach venue for a wedding ceremony entails careful planning, preparation, and implementation. It’s essential to utilize the beauty of the natural surroundings while further accentuating them to bring out the beach theme in a romantic, stylish, and elegant manner.
In this vow exchange ceremony, we decided to play up more of traditional flower arrangements which was the request of the couple. They wanted something simple yet beautiful, traditional yet not so formal. Hence, our objective was to capture the exquisite look of nature while combining contrasting colors of blooms and making them stand out against the beach background.
Traditional Floral Arch
As per the bride and groom’s request, we created a traditional floral arch that fused together peach and white blossoms with bright red roses amid a backdrop of green leaves. With this fully packed cluster of flowers, we also blended along white chiffon fabric dramatically blowing in the wind. A part of this fabric on each side of the arch was bunched together to look like a huge flower. The overall effect— romantic in a relaxed way, but strongly expressing great love and power.
Blooms and Lanterns in Beach Tones
For the rest of the area, we decided to hang big and round lanterns in light yellow, looking like lit-up fruits amongst the palm trees. They seemed to signify illumination of love and unity as well as abundance in the marriage. Moreover, they blended well with the sand’s color and also with the pastel-colored blooms we arranged on metal stands.
All of these were done in beach tones, making them intermingle with the natural décor of the place while allowing the vivid arch to stand out.
Heart-Shaped Petal Arrangement
There was no gazebo, so we instead opted to do a heart-shaped petal arrangement on the sand, with enough room for the couple to stand within while the ceremony was taking place. This was a sweet representation of their promise of eternal love to one another while exchanging vows. It was simple yet meaningful.
In addition, the red rose petals again indicated the intense love and romance involved, matching the radiating effect of the red roses incorporated in the arch and also balancing off the other petals strewn on the ground at random in other areas.
Indeed choosing to have this beach-inspired type of ceremony is a nice way to stay close to Mother Earth and be embraced with natural beauty while exchanging beautiful words of love and promises.