Every vintage-themed wedding we style and set up is unique because we mix and match various elements while incorporating personal touches. At the same time, we also make sure to establish a “blast from the past” look that suits the bride and groom and their idea of a romantic and delightful wedding celebration.
Signature DIY Flowers on Stage
The party celebrants and guests loved the simple but unique stage backdrop too, complete with our signature DIY flowers. This time, we did them in shades of cream and beige and designed with wooden planks.
Vintage Books Centerpiece
It’s common to make use of thick, hard-bound books for your vintage centerpiece. What will make it special, though, are the other accessories you integrate. In the picture here, you’ll find several randomly stacked books in blue, combined with little white flowers, a white charming old-style lamp, and a clear bottle container wrapped in native material and lace. The entire set up lies on top of a floral mantle with dainty colors.
Side and Corner Decors
We wanted to decorate the sides and corners of the venue too so we simply arranged white ruffles with clear bottles, all bathed in pinkish and purplish mood lighting for a delightful romantic mood. Furthermore, we opted to use our white metal stands with swirls for a makeshift tall corner lamp.
Homey and Cozy Setup
Take a look at this homey setup we made, fusing together wooden cabinets, fences, and boxes along with old-fashioned pots of flowers, lamps, and picture frames. What we used for flower vases are a native sack, wooden pot, and tin can. This simple variety further boosts the overall beauty of the design. What’s more, a white lace umbrella serves as the finishing touch.
Another photo here shows yet one more cozy setup that looks like a movie scene from a period film. With distressed white frames and white vintage lace curtains, the backdrop is certainly fitting for a home in the olden times. We even included a small wooden luggage display and a classic phonograph for a more antique feel.
Orchid Flower Arrangement
In addition, we came up with an orchid flower arrangement that made use of tall simple and transparent vases wrapped in native material and white lace cut-outs. Placing them in the midst of plain white candles and historic-looking lamps and books was the perfect approach to this vintage wedding celebration.