Few wedding receptions are as uniquely beautiful as this gorgeous rustic wedding reception at the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang. With the peaceful Andaman Sea in the distance and towering casuarina trees swaying overhead, there’s hardly a better setting to celebrate a wedding. This is a very distinctive option for an outdoor wedding reception and the perfect location for couples looking for a more rustic, garden theme.

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This uniquely decorated wedding reception is marked by a more muted color scheme and intimate lighting provided by many candles and twinkling lights throughout the space. The “ceiling” of the outdoor space features beautiful grey, white, pink and yellow flowers hanging above the tables with sheer white tulle blowing in the wind above the party as well. This fanciful “ceiling” still allows guests to glance up and see the stunning night sky and feel the breeze off the ocean.


Tables feature white river rock and pieces of stunning driftwood which add an interesting rustic and natural feel to the elegant surroundings. Nestled on or near the driftwood are silver garden buckets brimming with lightly-colored flowers that are a beautiful complement to the flowers hanging from above. Keeping with the casual yet elegant feel of the party, chairs feature white crinkle-fabric covers with satin chair sashes in a light pastel blue.

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Just steps from the reception area is a double doorway with large white and blue flowers, wooden crates with flower bucket and driftwood pieces. This is a great unique piece that perfectly complements the beautiful decoration inside the reception area. This gorgeous piece seems to symbolize the happy couple’s journey into the next part of their lives together.


This wedding reception is the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity for an outdoor event. This gorgeous outdoor wedding venue really lends itself to the illustration of natural beauty that is highlighted in the décor of this unique wedding reception.