Even until now, hopeless romantics are still raving about the love story of Edward and Bella in the Twilight series. Who could forget their powerful and sacrificial love for each other, signifying the ultimate essence of marriage which is eternal love and unity?
Start planning your Twilight themed wedding now to celebrate your very own match made in heaven. Check out the photos here of the weddings we planned for and styled according to this theme.
Here are some amazing ideas you can consider:
Color Scheme
Elegant yet mysterious, you can have a combination of purple, white, and silver. You can opt to replace purple with maroon or red for a “bloody” touch that represents deep love, burning passion, and great power.
Party Favors and Giveaways
You should certainly make your party favors enhance your Twilight theme too. Why not prepare trays of syringes (minus the needles, of course) with bloody red shots of juice or alcoholic drinks? Also place some green or red apples on the tables for the guests. You can also give out scented white candles with moon-shaped tags.
Let your creativity shine with this amazing theme. But of course, you can always count on us to provide you with spectacular ideas for a successful Twilight themed wedding.

Whizarts Wedding Photography
Turn your wedding venue into an enchanted garden with numerous drapes of white flowers hanging from the ceiling or on the walls. For the ceremony, you can fill the aisle with low leafy plants dotted with beautiful white blooms. To add a touch of shimmer, it would be good to incorporate silver trimmings and hints of purple, red, or maroon (depending on your chosen motif).
For the reception setup, make sure to highlight the decors with lots of white candles, more white flower drapes, and lovely floral centerpieces with purple/red/maroon blossoms arranged in a woodsy style. This means injecting some twigs and branches. But if you’re after greater sophistication and formality characteristic of rich vampires, you can include luxurious silver candelabras. Also wrap some leafy vines around chairs and add a dash of flowers and lace in your motif color. And of course you should definitely make the couple’s table and backdrop extra special, as if the setting is in the middle of a charming, magical forest.
Whizarts Wedding Photography
Whizarts Wedding Photography
Whizarts Wedding Photography