Project Description

Starview Restaurant (仙景楼) is one of the most famous Penang Chinese cuisine restaurant established since 1979. Although there are many other restaurants rise and fall, but Starview Restaurant always remain as Penang’s favorite after all these years. Starview is located right within the New World Park premises. There is another branch at Prai located at the shoplot next to Megamal Shopping Complex.

While talking about the dining environment, Starview Restaurant has tried their very best to preserve the decorations and settings to make the new place as familiar as possible compared to the old place. The mahjong tiles on the pillars were one of the decorative items brought over from the old place and this decoration so far was only available to Starview Restaurant among the Penang restaurants. Due to this special decoration, some people might called it as “Ma Jiok Keng” in Hokkien.
Since the restaurant has been operating for so many years and their chefs are consistently serving quality foods, there are quite a lot of significant dishes served by Starview Restaurant. For example the famous Buddha Jump, Braised Abalone, Seafood Bowl “Pun Choy”, Steamed Goby Fish, Peking Duck and the Fish Steamboat is definitely one of the “must-try” dishes which has endless streams of loyal patrons.

Starview Restaurant cater for Wedding, Gathering, Company Annual Dinner, Course meal and ala carte. STARVIEW is one of the first choice for Penang locals to have their dinner here.

Throughout the many years in business, Starview has not only beloved by the local Penangites, Starview has also attracted customers from KL, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, UK, Japan & etc.

It’s real easy to locate the restaurant as it’s just within the New World Park premises. The best way and the nearest way to reach the restaurant would be by the Jalan Burma entrance. Immediately after you had passed the Tune Hotel Downtown Penang on your right, slow down and keep a watch out for the entrance a shop away. Drive in and you would see the signboard not far away on your left. Find a parking space nearby and take note that you can pay for the parking ticket through the many automated ticket machine located strategically within the premises.Starview Restaurant3 Starview Restaurant4

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