Project Description

We are strategically located in the dining and shopping hub of George Town, Penang’s capital. Deluxcious is also named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011, Penang’s capital, George Town.

Deluxcious, an old world style architectural beauty, is embodied in a late 19-century colonial-style house, charmingly decorated and tastefully furnished by its owner. This historic luxury hotel provides an ideal base to explore the fascinating heritage city, Penang.

They occupy the same premise and believe it or not, are meant to complement each other. Just pop in to Deluxcious anytime for an exhilarating meal or sign up for a spa treatment upstairs and be treated to a sumptious set lunch downstairs. The place offeres the best of both worlds – holistic pampering and mouth-watering food. The idea is really quite brilliant. After you’ve had a relaxing spa treatment, you can just trot on downstairs for a healthy meal – prepared by a Singapore Ritz Carlton former chef, no less!

Deluxcious is an exclusive hotel complex of 18 private suites, and also offering a luxurious vacation experience with its restaurant dining and indulgent spa treatments.

From facials to jacuzzi, what’s not to love about a trip to the spa?Our Spa, a house of exclusive beauty therapies for women and men, offers a whole range of Balinese massage and modern beauty treatments. Plants and sea plants based facials, herbal body wraps, body toning and firming therapies as well as a range of relaxing and rejuvenating whole body massages will leave you radiant and beautiful.

What are you waiting for? The best way to experience this extraordinary spa cuisine is to head on down to enjoy a retreat like no other.