Project Description

AHMO is an epithet describing Westerner or the West in Chinese Hokkien dialect.
It literally means red hair and the usage is similar to the Japanese word Kōmō or Cantonese term Gweilo.

In general, local Hokkien people often used the term Ang Mo to distinguish whatever originates from the West.
Some examples are Ang Mo Lang (Westerner), Ang Mo Mia (Western name),
Ang Mo Kio (Red Tomato) and Ang Mo Chiak (Western Cuisine).

The origin of the term Ang Mo could be traced from the contact between Hokkien people in Southern Fujian
province of China with the Portuguese and the Dutch during the 16th and 17th century.
This is most likely because red hair is a common trait among the Westerners.

With the large migration of Hokkien people to South-East Asia,
predominantly Malaysia and Singapore, the term Ang Mo became more widespread.
Nowadays, it is still a common term among the local Hokkien
but it is no longer a racial slur as it might imposed to some yesteryears.

Ahmo Restaurant

~ AHMO’s Passion ~

AHMO is interpreting 40 years dream of an International Hotel Chef diligently in Western Cuisine.
Our passion is to provide decent and relax dining space in colonial mood.
Customers can enjoy affordable AHMO Chiak (Western Cuisine)
without compromising on quality of the ingredients.

~ AHMO的故事 ~

AHMO 源自于福建话中的“红毛( Ang Mo )”,泛指西洋或洋人,
类似日语中的“Kōmō” (紅毛) 和广东话中的 “鬼佬” ( Gweilo )。

本地福建人一般把洋人叫成“红毛人” ( Ang Mo Lang ),洋名叫“红毛名”( Ang Mo Mia ),
番茄叫“红毛茄” ( Ang Mo Kio ) ,而西餐则叫红毛吃 ( Ang Mo Chiak )。



~ AHMO 的精神 ~

享用一顿用心料理的AHMO Chiak(西餐)。