Want to provide a sophisticated yet laidback look for your wedding reception? Even if you’re having it in a hotel, it doesn’t have to be too formal and stuffy. We can give you this same look for your event— fresh, minty, and relaxing.
Bright and Breezy Entrance Arc
Take a look at the bright and breezy entrance arc we came up with, using simple white posts with modest swirls decorated with large DIY flowers. The paper flowers in soft purple and minty green provide a fresh appeal that can make any guest feel welcome and provide the feeling that you’re on a vacation in a beautiful garden or countryside.
A matching backdrop in simple decoration stunningly highlights the theme while not grabbing the spotlight from the newlyweds themselves.
Registration and Gift Tables
We bring the theme a little bit further in decorating the registration and gift tables with the same baby breath arrangements in clear vases that are also tied with mint ribbons. We’ve placed a few rustic-flavored and country-inspired picture frames and figurines together with these flower decors, thus reinforcing the cool, easygoing, and crisp sentiment of the affair. At the same time, guests are able to feel more at home as if everyone’s a part of the family. Amid these decors, you can also sense the love and romance in the air!
Baby Breath Flowers and Mint Ribbons
The centerpieces and aisles are decorated with lovely arrangements of baby breath flowers, idyllic for further enhancing the sensation of relaxing in the backyard of a lovely rural home. Nevertheless, the garden-like feeling is perfectly fused with subtle sophistication as plain candles in different glasses surround the flowers in every table. Mint-colored ribbons are tied around the glasses for added accentuation.
Meanwhile, some chairs are draped with mint-toned flimsy fabrics embellished with a small bouquet of baby breath.