What’s your idea of a romance garden?
Perhaps you’re thinking of beautiful blooms and dancing colors amid a lush natural environment. Maybe you’re picturing sweet roses, soft romantic music playing in the background, and gentle white laces and fabrics swaying in the wind.
But what if this theme is to be used for an indoor wedding, such as what we experienced at Royal Park Hotel? Then creativity and imagination will play a major role, along with the transformation of ideas into visually appealing displays and decors.
A Sweet Exhibit of Love and Romance
All the guests were fawning over our stunning exhibit of love and romance done in a sweet and sophisticated way. If you check out the picture here, it looks like an elegant garden setup that proudly displays various photos of the couple in different frames, also combined with cheerful peach flowers on pots and balled green plants.
With laces, candelabras, lamps, and even fences in white embellishing the entire arrangement, it’s all definitely oozing with elegance and beauty while filling the air with love. It’s the perfect greeting for guests as they come to the venue, instantly putting them in the wedding celebration mood.
Beautiful and Elegant Florals and Drapes
With cream-colored draped fabric in the background of the stage, highlighted by subtle vines accentuated with little white blooms and leaves, the couple’s backdrop certainly looked like an upscale garden that belongs to high class society. The towering cake designed with clear glasses and peach flowers is certainly gorgeous, matching the overall theme wonderfully.
Furthermore, you’ll find additional posts dressed in backlit white drapes and topped with the same floral setups that even come with green and yellow apples! It’s an ingenious way to take the garden theme a notch higher while emphasizing abundance for the newly married couple.
Special Messages on Branches
We also set up intertwined branches where guests could hang their messages and wishes for the bride and groom. It’s a meaningful portion of the decorations that also perfectly blends with the rest of the design. These branches can come with leaves and flowers too, if you desire it.
What a magical and romantic garden setup we all worked hard for in this wedding! It was a joy to see everybody enjoying the venue and appreciating the beauty of everything.