If you’re looking for a little bit edgier wedding theme, the professional wedding planners at Isabell will take your ideas and your style and create the perfect wedding day. We’ll make sure your wedding day is the perfect illustration of your personality and your passions.

One of the most important aspects of creating the right look and feel during a wedding ceremony is choosing the right wedding venue. What better location for a Rock N’ Roll wedding ceremony than on the beach at the Hard Rock Hotel?! A rock n’ roll wedding theme is the perfect mix of casual and elegant. Especially this particular beach wedding ceremony. There’s nothing quite like combining a wedding gown with bare feet while walking down the aisle.

A black aisle runner covered in glitter and leading to a simple black rectangular archway with a deep purple tulle canopy sets the tone for this rocking wedding ceremony. This darker color scheme is perfect for a rock n’ roll wedding ceremony and fits this stunning beachfront location flawlessly. Black and purple sashes on white chairs are complemented by tall white vases filled with beautiful two-tiered white flower arrangements at the end of the aisle. A full drum set for live ceremony music off to the side is the greatest demonstration of a rock n’ roll wedding. These small but important details tie in with the wedding colors and theme seamlessly.
Wedding guests celebrate with the bride and groom as they depart the wedding ceremony by tossing beach balls in the air. This is a great alternative to blowing bubbles or throwing rice when you’re hosting an unconventional beach wedding.
Planning a wedding that is the perfect representation of the happy couple’s style and personality is all about the details. Wedding guests will definitely remember the perfect mix of elegance and informality of this rock n’ roll wedding ceremony for a long time!