For a couple who loves rock music and are looking for a unique yet beautiful way to incorporate their style into their wedding day, a rock n’ roll themed wedding reception is the perfect solution. Planning weddings that are outside of the norm is something the wedding planners at Isabell specialize in.

Of course the location of any wedding reception will set the scene for the entire celebration. For a rock n’ roll themed wedding, there’s no better location than on the beach at the Hard Rock Hotel. With a perfect mix of casual and formal, a wedding reception in this location is sure to radiate “rocker chic”. A wedding reception right on the beach allows for wedding guests to be a little more comfortable and even go bare foot through the event!
The reception area was covered with a canopy of deep purple and black tulle tying the stunning decorations together while emanating the edgy yet chic style of the bride and groom. Small twinkling lights and a dazzling chandelier containing sparkling crystals create just the right light and add the perfect amount of pizazz to this rock n’ roll wedding reception.
Long dining tables feature crinkle linens with deep purple table runners set with tall dark vases and candles on beautiful crystal holders. Tables also featured small guitars with band names and images from popular rock bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd to highlight the couple’s love of rock music.
The focal point of this rock n’ roll beach wedding reception is, of course, the rock stars themselves – the bride and groom. A small head table with just enough room for the happy couple makes these two the center of attention, as it should be!
Dinner is one of the main advantages to attending a wedding reception. Juicy burgers and crispy fries served up on placemats that look like vinyl records send the perfect message for a rock n’ roll themed wedding reception.
For a casual and fun yet elegant and stylish rock n’ roll wedding reception, bold color combinations and unique decorations are the perfect solution. No matter what theme you’re in love with for your wedding day, remember it’s your day and you want to make sure it’s done right!