Because of all the nuts and bolts involved in wedding preps, it’s but natural that you have several last minute details that you may tend to overlook. This is where your wedding planner comes in. However, it’s still best that you yourself are aware of the on-the-day wedding preps you may need to arrange for.
Extra Petty Cash
Yes, you may have remembered to take care of the balance payments you’ll be making to some vendors on your wedding day. Be sure to place them in separate envelopes with the proper names. Also prepare a list of these wedding suppliers where you can let them sign to signify that they received the amount you paid.
Extra petty cash, however, is very important because you never know what may come up on that day. It’s best to have some money handy for emergencies. Let a trusted relative or friend keep it for you and coordinate with the wedding planner in case it is needed.
Meals and Snacks
Although you have already finalized things with your wedding caterer, what you need to take note of are the meals and snacks you may need to provide for other people before the event proper. For instance, if you had asked your bridesmaids and groomsmen to come to your house or hotel room for picture-taking before the ceremony, you should prepare snacks for them and breakfast or lunch too if the time calls for it. In addition, you must count in the other people there as well such as the photographers and videographers, the wedding coordinators, the make-up artist and assistants, and family members who may have come from distant areas.
Travel Necessities
Whether you and your spouse are planning to stay somewhere for the night after the wedding party or you’ll be heading straight to your honeymoon destination, you ought to make sure that you’ve got your travel necessities in place already aside from the clothes and shoes you’re bringing. It’s therefore a good idea to do your packing at least a week ahead of the wedding day.
These are just some of the things often overlooked on the day itself of the wedding. Hence you need to be quite thorough in going through your checklist two or three days before. This is especially crucial if your wedding venue is far away from your home.