Are you imagining a vintage type of wedding with old-world romance spelled out across the event venue? Do you want to feel like a beautiful memory that has come to life and will forever be imprinted in the minds and hearts of your guests?
In these old Shanghai retro wedding decorations that we came up with, every visitor who enters the room will feel as if he or she had been brought back in time. With the antique bronze vases and watering pots we used to hold a variety of flower arrangements, plus the touches of pearls and candles we added, the decors are totally beautiful in an old-fashioned way. Aside from pearls, you can opt for more colorful accessories that integrate ceramic flowers, feathers, and beads.
You may also want to incorporate vintage picture frames and even traditional laces in your design. As you can see, we also chose to include open wooden boxes for a dash of countryside beauty.
When it comes to the flowers, you can have your pick based on the color scheme you have chosen. Your motif can be red but with a hint of rustic white and natural wood. Or you can select pastel colors that seem to represent washed-out photos from the past.
In this wedding theme, we also decorated a wall with old records to further enhance the retro theme. Playing music from the fifties, sixties, seventies, or eighties will definitely complete the mood.
If you were able to play up this same theme during your prenuptial photo shoot, it would be great to place your black and white, sepia, or faded colored photos in vintage frames. These will also serve as wonderful ornamental pieces with a personal touch.
Indeed going for this kind of theme certainly creates a romantic atmosphere. If you want to explore more ideas similar to this one, feel free to contact us anytime!