Talking about money with your significant other might seem like a challenge, but it shouldn’t be. If you are about to start a new life as a family together and share responsibilities, you should do the money talk as soon as possible. It might seem scary now, but you will feel relieved and closer to each other once you are done. Here are some tips to help you out.

Do not avoid it
The longer you avoid discussing with your partner about your incomes and debts, the more scenarios you make in your mind. This can lead to an emotionally charged conversation just a few months before the wedding. This is why many couples end up having huge fights over the wedding budget. Keep in mind that 90% of divorces happen due to financial issues and have the talk, to shield your marriage.

Talk when you are calm
There is no point discussing about finances when you are stressed or disappointed. Choose a neutral day to discuss and don’t make it a big deal. It will only put more pressure on you. You can even start your talk during a walk in the park. A calm environment always helps relieve tension.

Understand where your spouse is coming from
If they are coming from a family of spenders and yours is a family of savers, it will take them time to adjust. Learning to deal with money in a new way is a life-changing transformation, so do not expect it to happen in a few days. Be patient with each other.

Make it fun
Instead of talking just about financial goals like pensions and health insurance – which you DO need to do, by the way – add in some fun financial goals, like going on a trip together. Saving towards an anniversary cruise is much more motivating than saving for next year’s taxes.

If you realize that you cannot manage to have a calm, rational talk with your spouse, seek counselling. Just a few meetings can make a huge difference in the way you communicate.

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