Setting up a successful wedding gift registry is an art. If you do not want to end up with hundreds of photo frames or four food processors, it is a good idea to do some planning. In many cases, friends and relatives will start asking about your gift registry the day they receive your “save the date” and surely enough after they receive your wedding invitations. Here are a few tips on how to do plan your wedding registry, in order to get what you really need.

Gift registry
Recommended on online registries
Older people or people who are not familiar with technology will find it hard to order your gifts online .Nowadays,  It is very convenient to purchase something online or showing the catalog for your registry list. Payment is easy and delivery is reliable . You can save everyone time by sending gift registry.  Recommended to send something about kitchen or for home goods.

Pick appropriate stores
People are happy to buy gifts for new couples as they feel that they are helping you build your new home. This is why stores that sell home and kitchen goods are acceptable choices while stores that sell smart phones and tablets or clothes are not a good idea. Make sure that the stores or items you choose are accessible by your guests. If they need to drive for one hour to get what you want, chances are they will not.

Include something for every budget
Not everyone can afford the juicer you always wanted, that costs hundreds of euros. In fact, more than half of your gift registry should be at a price range below $200. And there should be plenty of items that cost $100 or less. This way people can combine gifts, if they want to invest more, but they can also offer you something useful, even if they have a low budget.

Don’t forget to say thank you
At the very moment that a gift arrives at your door, write down the name of the person who sends it to you. It is very easy to lose track of who sent what, especially if you have an extended family and many guests. Make sure to send personal thank you notes to everyone, mentioning their gift. They deserve to feel special!