With a globalized economy and work transfers, many people nowadays discover that the love of their life comes from a different culture. This can be a bit tricky when planning a wedding, as both the families of the bride and groom expect their traditions to be honored. With a bit of creativity and good communication however, it is easy to overcome this challenge.

different culture
Talk about what is the most important
Maybe for your spouses culture the food served at the reception is a very important aspect while for your culture a hand fasting ritual is what matters the most. Identify the important parts of a wedding for both your cultures and incorporate as many as possible. If there are overlaps, you can follow both traditions. You can for example do a hand fasting and exchange rings as well.

Consider having two ceremonies
Especially for people coming from different religions, this option is the easiest one to keep everyone happy. Make sure to let the guests know that there will be two ceremonies and schedule a break in between, so that the guests can get a drink an d stretch a bit.

Make your own ceremony
Nowadays many couples choose to write their own ceremony. This is a great idea as it allows you to incorporate elements from both your cultures. You can write the vows yourself and then you can read religious or other texts from each other’s heritage. You can even add elements that are not coming from your family background, but that both of you find meaningful. Lighting a ritual candle, filling a vase with sand together, dancing a special dance are all ideas that many couples use as they help them express their strong with to stay together forever and ever.

Be thoughtful and let your guests know well in advance about the ceremony and the reception. Some couples choose to follow the bride’s traditions during the ceremony and the groom’s during the reception or the other way round. Take time and let the elderly know why you have made this choice, but do not feel the need to defend your choices. It is your wedding and no one else’s after all.

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