This is a very sensitive topic. Why? Because many brides and grooms hate it when people who are not part of the wedding party choose to blend in, by wearing the wedding theme colors. There is only good intention behind this, but if you feel you do not like people to participate that way, do not disclose your theme to everyone. Now, for those who like the festive feeling of everyone wearing matching colors, here are a few tips to ensure that you will get what you want.

Ask nicely
Make sure to use the right wording when asking people to join in your color theme. Something along the lines of “We ask you to join us in our celebration by wearing red” or “Let’s be festive in blue!” does not sound too pushy. In any case, keep in mind that not everyone can afford buying a new outfit for your wedding, so do not be judgmental or disappointed.

Keep the options open

Instead of explaining to your guests/wedding party what they are not allowed to do (wear different colors) give them ideas about what they can actually wear. Keep in mind that not everyone in your wedding party needs to wear the exact same outfit. As long as the tones and hues match the color scheme you should be more than happy.

Make it easy for everyone

Inspire your wedding party and guests. Mail them outfits that you like and you can even create a Pinterest board with all sorts of clothes and colors that fit into your color scheme. Make sure to include something for every budget and body type, in order for everyone to feel included and comfortable. If you absolutely want your groom’s men and bridesmaids to wear a specific outfit, you can offer to pay for it as well.