With all the nitty-gritty details and the flurry of activities involved in wedding preparations, plenty of couples actually forget to put much effort into finding a fantastic wedding emcee. The emcee for your reception program is, in fact, one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to getting your wedding vendors. This is because your emcee will be the one in charge of facilitating the entire program, keeping the guests comfortable and entertained, taking charge of the games, making adjustments when necessary, highlighting the newlyweds and certain parts of the reception, and making sure you stay on schedule.
Steps to Follow in Choosing a Wedding Emcee
Not sure how to go about choosing the right wedding emcee for your special event? Here are some simple steps you can follow:
1. Make sure that the wedding emcee is not included in any of the packages you availed from other suppliers. Sometimes caterers and venues include this provision. In case there is one included, ask to meet with the emcee so you can see for yourself how this person carries himself or herself. Check the manner of speaking, diction, vocabulary, and even personality.
2. If you don’t have an emcee yet, you can ask your coordinator for recommendations or you can surf for reviews on the Internet. Call up several who seem promising options and offer reasonable rates. Ask to see their sample videos and profiles.
3. Meet up with your chosen emcee or with the top two in your list. This way, you can better gauge which one you easily develop rapport with and who looks more presentable and sounds friendlier and more entertaining.
4. Ask your top choices if they have upcoming wedding deals where you can drop by to take a look at how they manage the program and how they conduct themselves in front of the crowd. This will also help you make a good decision.
Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind
As you already know, the emcee plays a very big role during the wedding reception. Hence, you ought to choose carefully and wisely. Please do keep these important tips in mind as you do:
• Should you decide to ask a friend or relative to be the emcee, make sure that this person has an outgoing, fun, and affable personality and that he or she has sufficient public speaking experience and would not freeze in front of a large audience.
• Pick an emcee who’s also creative and funny so as to keep the guests entertained and be able to come up with on-the-spot jokes and lines especially when there are unexpected problems in the program.
• Be sure to discuss the entire program with the emcee and explain well the games you prefer and special presentations and portions you’re including. Also provide some info about you and your spouse-to-be such as how you met and fell in love, what the proposal was like, what you like doing together, etc.

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