It’s very common to have only the reception party decorated elaborately. However, there are more and more couples these days who want to also have their ceremonial rite venue styled. Aside from the vow exchange ceremony, we’ve also had the chance to set up decorations for wedding dinners and after party gatherings. After all, these also count a lot if you want to maintain your theme all throughout the wedding celebration.
Indeed themes are very fun and add a unique feel to your big day. It’s great to come up with a nice theme to use for decorating the places you utilize and matching it with the overall look and feel of the wedding.
Homage to the Past Wedding Theme
For this particular wedding which radiates with an antique feel reminiscent of rich families that resided in old-world mansions then, the venue spoke for itself in establishing the theme. But of course without our decors, the ceremony, dinner, and after party wouldn’t be as fun, meaningful, and unforgettable.
Immersed in touches of blue and white trimmings, we were able to enhance this mansion-styled venue with beautiful floral arrangements incorporating wooden sticks and twigs for a hint of nature. Furthermore, a lot of the guests were very much impressed and amused by the idea of using old records to serve as name plates. All we had to do was tie a single yellow flower onto the table napkin to place on top of each record and the look was already complete. In addition, take note that the records can also function as a menu and/or program card.
Native bird cages hanging from the ceiling together with the chandeliers further accentuated the theme. For a trace of stylishness and a burst of color amid the dark browns of antique furniture and interiors, we decided to display some bottles with colorful trimmings in vintage style. For the after party, we lighted candles in some of these bottles and added more lit-up containers for a romantic glow in the dimmed rooms.
If you want a unified look for your wedding from start to finish, we can help you out with your desired theme.
Photo is contributed by Neoh from MyWedding