In the fast-paced world we live in, everyone these days have forgotten about a lot of the wonderful things that used to be a part of our lives. In the name of progress, we have lost a lot of our traditions, our cultural awareness and even our most precious child-hood memories. Granted, there have been several resurrections of heritage experiences such as the whole Kopitiam boom and the emergence of countless White Coffee brands that claim they have been around since forever. The problem is these so-called heritage resurrections often feel a bit forced and missing a lot of the magic from the past.
The wedding preparation is very tough as we need to filter all the vendor’s capabilities such as Food & Beverages, equipment, venue, performance, etc. A lot of studies and design brainstorming was gone through during design and development process. We feel thankful to all the vendors, and also the Bride and Groom – Evelyn & Kelvin , together achieved the most challenging milestone for the perfect wedding with holding true the theme – Homage to our Past.
Venue at Mansion Cheong Fatt Tze / Blue mansion