This is the one of the perfect wedding we have done. Planned for bridegroom in order to give the bride a superb surprise. It is an eye-opening wedding if you were one of the guest in that night. Whereby th wedding venue is originally a very lousy looking restaurant and after decoration,  it is turned into the romance garden.

Venue Name:  Highland Restaurant (Gao Yuan) in Kulim

Total Tables fit in. Max.30 Tables
Restaurant Star Rating [rating=1]
Wedding Package Please contact the restaurant owner
Dinner menu Please contact the restaurant owner
Include decoration ? Entrance Arch Door
Table and Chair covers for all (simple)
Back drop Couple Name  made by polistirena
Parking lots available for marriage client? All Free Parking
Any entertainment or other extra subject? 1 slide down Projector
Cake Table, Champagne Table and Reception Table Hardware is provided without decor