Observe that local new generation starts to plan for their wedding by doing garden wedding ceremony. It is a very great concept for those couples who like simple and nice wedding ceremony. The process is quite similar to church wedding but because of religious reason, couples will build their own wedding ceremony at garden or along the beach. However, you can actually do it at any place like public parks, historical settings, botanical gardens, nice view restaurant or hotel. If you are creative enough, you can also build your ceremony at the cave or inside the star cruise in Penang. Why not?
Western Wedding Ceremony has the meaningful purpose as both of you and your love are standing in front of everyone, giving the commitment that you will love ,comfort, honor and keep your love one, in sickness and in health and forsaking all others be faithful as long as you both shall live..

There are something you need to consider when planning a garden wedding ceremony
1. Size of the venue? Washroom facilities, parking, food?
2. What time is your ceremony? Will your guests blasted by the sun?
3. Is there any equipment, at least chairs for the guests?
4. Choosing a gown which suit for the outdoor ceremony.
5. Need sound system? Guests can hear what the celebrant is saying?
6. Decoration concept-colour? flower type? Carpet used? other material used?
7. What if the weather is bad? Any backup plan?
8. Other like Who is the ring bearer? any Flower girls and boys? Who ll be the bestman and bride maid?


Photographer: Whizarts Wedding Photography