You don’t have to be physically present to enjoy the preparations for your big day and to ensure that the celebration will be truly special, beautiful, and unforgettable. Just like this lovely couple from Singapore, Nick and Elise, you can also obtain our expertise to plan your dream wedding even from a distance.
With our pretty cool and efficient online planning system, we were able to successfully coordinate everything with this Singapore-based couple for a period of 9 months. During the holidays, they came to Penang and we arranged for them to meet up with our recommended suppliers.
A simple yet elegant garden wedding was what Nick and Elise had conjured up in their minds. With remarkable coordination, lovely decors in white and pastels, and delightful music, we were able to help make their dream a reality.
We lined up the aisle with balled flowers in pastel hues hanging from swirly metal stands painted in white. The garden setting was already perfect as it is, so we simply accentuated the place with dashes and splashes of flowers and ribbons. We also decided to sprinkle fuschia pink flower petals on the grass to match the color of the entourage members’ gowns.
Of course in an outdoor wedding venue, sound quality is of great importance. We made sure that the audio was bright and clear. A professional wedding singer was hired to serenade the couple and set the mood for the romantic day.
Indeed a ceremony can go smoothly if planned well and if you have good vendors. For the perfect implementation, we ensured that each and every detail was in place— from the decors and officiator to the music and guest seats. The ambiance was just right too. Nick and Elise’s love and joy visibly stood out amidst the simple, sweet, and romantic ornamentations in this garden marriage ritual.

Photographer : Whizarts Wedding Photography